Concordia Salus “well-being through harmony”

Montreal is a city in spiritual balance. There are several major ley-lines running through it, and nodes of power that touch it’s downtown districts and the Mont-Royal for which it is named. This balance has the force of truce, with no single supernatural group holding sway in the city. There are small clans of vampires here, but nothing to earth shattering, so while there are Wardens of the White court they are largely away dealing with the Red Vampire war.

The smaller community of Talents, Sorcerers and low-powered wizards and witches keep the peace here, as well as they can. There are emissaries of both faerie courts here, ostensibly to make sure the other doesn’t do anything to usurp the balance, while looking for their own ability to take the city and it’s nodes. {Note: Perhaps something in the NeverNever of value is accessible through the city, or several somethings, since NeverNever geography isn’t too fixed.}

The primary suburbs of Montreal we’ve detailed/planned on using are Ville-Marie and Mont-Royal. The islands don’t seem to be in a particular suburb (or are spread out along the river).




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